Annual Report 2018

Message from the Governor

2018 good results demonstrate the CEB’s resilience and ability to deliver strong outcomes, even in a difficult environment with continuing challenges in CEB member countries.

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2018 at a glance

€ 3.9 billion
Projects approved
€ 2.8 billion
Loans disbursed
€ 3 billion
€ 4.9 billion
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Project financing

In 2018, the CEB approved € 3.9 billion in loans for 20 member countries. These loans will put together € 10.9 billion in total investments across Europe.

CEB investments aim at sustainable and inclusive growth and at the equitable sharing of economic gains among all citizens.

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€ 4.9 billion in funds were raised on international capital markets.

Responding to a strong demand for sustainable finance, the CEB issued its second Social Inclusion Bond (€ 500 million), which attracted substantial interest from investors.

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Partnerships & Donors

In 2018:

  • Strengthened cooperation with peer multilateral financial institutions and other international organisations of relevance to the Bank’s core activities.
  • € 41 million raised from donors to support projects for the benefit of vulnerable groups and disadvantaged regions.

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CEB and corporate social responsibility

We are a socially sustainable bank

41 member countries, of which 39 are also members of the Council of Europe.

The CEB applies high standards of compliance, from anti-money laundering, to counterparty screening on environment, workforce and human rights.

ESG rating agencies affirmed the Bank’s strong sustainability performance.

The Bank further expanded its partnerships to achieve maximum impact.

The CEB raised another €41 million from donors for technical assistance helping to enhance the projects financed.

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